Tuesday, 11 March 2014


National Youth Council of Malawi (NYCOM) would like to inform its affiliates that the 8th Youth Annual General Assembly (AGA) will be held on starting from 27th to 28th March, 2014 at Sunbird Capital Hotel in Lilongwe. The theme for this year’s AGA is:
Beyond Participation: the youth as the centre.
As per the provisions of the National Youth Council of Malawi Act, section 28(2), the AGA shall transact the following business:
11.     Presentation of NYCOM Annual Report;
22.    Presentation and adoption of the Council’s Statement of Accounts;
33.      Nomination of candidates for Board Membership;
44.      Issues brought forward by the membership.
To ensure that issues under item (4) are discussed orderly, and that the majority of issues are taken on board, NYCOM secretariat invites affiliates to send these issues beforehand, by 17:00 hrs, 17 March, 2014.
As per the provisions of the ACT, NYCOM secretariat would like to invite three members: the Executive Director, Secretary and Treasurer from each affiliate organization. The NYCOM secretariat will support the participation of two members per organisation. For every two delegates being supported by the secretariat, at least one of them should be female. Organisations are encouraged to include adolescents, youth living with HIV and AIDS, and youth with disabilities in their delegations.
Affiliates who want to send the other one delegate are asked to support him or her. Take note that while this is encouraged, it is optional and subject to the organisation’s ability. Should organisations be unable to raise the funds, they are still invited to nominate the person under the NYCOM secretariat support.
This invitation goes only to those affiliates that renewed their membership for the year 2013/ 2014. Those who did not pay affiliation will not be allowed to attend the General Assembly as they are not eligible.
Take note that the invitation is for those who paid the AFFILIATION FEE and those who only paid application fees, were already assessed and were informed that they have been registered. Those who only paid application fees but have not been registered and those who were previously registered but have not renewed their membership are not invited. NYCOM will therefore not be held responsible for any expenses they may incur in their attempts to attend the AGA.
The names of invited affiliates are as follows:
Andiamo Youth Initiative
Kamwendo Youth Organisation
Simbiri Youth Organisation
Kachira Youth Initiative
Kayobe Youth Organisation
Champiti Youth Organisation
Fambauone Youth Organisation
Nkhotakota Youth Organisation
Malawi Girls Guides Association
Youth Net and Counseling
Chisoti Youth Organisation
Chitsanzo Youth Organisation
Community Youth in Development Activities
Ekwendeni Youth Counseling Organisation
Ekwaiweni Tafika Youth Organisation
Mapala Youth Organisation
Lozi Youth Organisation
Likhubula Youth Organisation
Chulu Planning for a Good Future Youth Organisation
Good Health Youth Organisation
Mlonyeni Youth Organisation
Lisungwi Youth Organisation
Samalani Youth Organisation
Nkhadze Alive Youth Organisation
Child Rights Information Documentation Centre
Sumaili Youth Organisation
Kandole Youth Organisation
Counseling of Adolescent Youths organization
Young Politicians Union
Malawi Human Rights Youth Network
Mangochi Youth Organisation
Mitundu Youth Organisation
Ntchisi Tigwirizane Youth Organisation
Ntchisi Organisation for Youth Development
Girls Development Association
Youthlight Care and Support Foundation
Environmental Concerned Youth Organisation
Salvation Youth Initiative for Development Organisation
Modern Active Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Livelihood Organisation
Youth for Development and Productivity
Youth Action in Community Development
Green Vision Environmental Organisation
Kanyerere Youth organization
Youth Organisation for Health and Development
Mzimba Youth Organisation
Chitipa Concerned Youth Organisation
Wanangwa Youth Organisation
Chigotayo for Development
Chisomo Girls Youth Organisation
Bless-Bay Foundation
Tigwirizane Youth Organisation
Community Youth Link in Development and Entrepreneurship
Youth Care Ministries
Youth of Good Hope Network
Mchinji Youth Alive
Youth and Society
Rumphi Youth Support Organisation

If your organization paid the affiliation fees but you did not see your name, please contact the NYCOM through the following details:

Telephones:     01761432 or 01761425 or 01762026 or 0888673182.

Please be sure to provide proof of payment before Friday, 14 March, 2014.

Note also that those who will be sending money for a third affiliate can send through the following bank account:
Bank Name: Standard Bank.
Savings Account Name: National Youth Council.
Account number: 0121202933100.
Branch: Capital City Branch.